Valentin  zoekt een Kamer in Groningen

Valentin zoekt: Een Kamer in Groningen

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my name is Valentin and I am 25 years old (when I arrive in Groningen). I will do my master in environmental psychology at the RuG. I am from the south of Germany and did my bachelor at the University of Twente.
I'd describe myself as a very clean person and I am at least in my current flat the person that might give now and then a reminder when common areas are too dirty and reinforce the cleaning schedule. I am probably not the very best cook but I try to put an effort into it when I can. I am a social person that likes to hang out, do stuff together and at the same respect peoples privacy.
I do play some music with my Ukulele now and then (obviously not at times or occasions when it might disturb others) and I actually plan buy a acustic guitar to learn basics. I love music, I am mostly in to chilled stuff like Jack Johnson but generally I am open to plenty of types of music as hip hop, techno, rock, rap
I like sports in a sense that I like to play table tennis since 13 years and wanna join the study association for it in Groningen.
I do speak English, German, some French and my dutch is good enough to do a conversation. I actually wouldn't mind at all to move into a dutch flat with the possibility to upgrade my dutch skills to the next level.
I like reading authors like Sam Harris or Jordan Peterson and I am always up for philosophical or political discussions.
One of my greatest passions is travelling, I've seen pretty much all the countries of South-East Asia and have been three months to South Africa during my minor. With these travelling I discovered one of my greatest passions: Scuba Diving which I followed till the Dive Master certification. I guess that in a way also moved me to do the master I will doing,
I am very open for more questions and also for an interview. I know that skype interviews are always less personal so I'd be willing to come to Groningen for an Interview.
With best regards

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